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Competitions provide opportunities for students to extend their dance training and develop important life skills including self confidence, team work, independence and resilience. Students work on specially choreographed solo or duo/trio routines which they will then have the opportunity to perform in state and national dance competitions.

Competitions provide invaluable performing experience as well as a platform to develop self confidence, commitment, resilience and showmanship, whilst also furthering technique. It is important to us that dance competitions remain a positive experience for all students with our focus being on personal development, friendships and team work over and above the winning of trophies! 


How does it work?

  • Competition students MUST be enrolled in the following classes: 

    • 1 ballet class per week

    • The genre with which they wish to compete (e.g. a student wanting a jazz solo will need to be enrolled in the jazz class)

  • While it is not compulsory, it is recommended that competition students are also enrolled in the following classes:

    • 1 strength & conditioning class per week

    • 1 RADAR technique class

    • Extension acrobatics if an acrobatics solo is chosen

  • Competition students require regular private lessons to learn and polish their competition routines. These lessons are an additional fee.

  • Competition students are required to bring along a notebook to each private lesson so that we can write down corrections or exercises for them to work on.


The most important thing to remember is that dancing and competitions are all about learning and growing as performers and having fun!


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